Dead People School update – Week 3

Well, I am just now going into week 3 of my current semester in dead people school. Things thus far are going really well for those of you curious about it. My grades on the quizzes and exams have been high, but not perfect… and that’s good enough for me. Let’s just hope I keep the pace through the program. As most of you already know I have been interning at place in Houston, but things for them have slowed down and they really don’t need the extra help. If they call me I will still make it out there and help them, because they are really cool people, but I have decided to try my luck locally. This weekend I emailed a few funeral homes in the Dayton and Liberty area with a response from one saying he will get back to me. So, hopefully I will start hearing from some of them this week. It would be great to find a local internship part time while I finish my studies. If things change, I will be sure to mention it.



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