Teachers teaching children to murder since 1986

So, I have been going through a list of all the Free to Watch movies on Youtube in the horror genre for 1986. And I do have to say… sadly, most of them aren’t really horror. They are more like survivalist suspense. 1986 in horror was more of a Deliverance themed style. And honestly, this is not the type of horror I am looking for. I want over the top special effects, clay-mation, and monsters of all kinds excluding your average Joe with a gun and an attitude. Even still, of all the survivalist horror free to watch in 1986 I decided to watch Fortress. I decided this because it is about a teacher and her students being chased and using the contents of their school supplies to survive and inevitably win. It just seemed perfect considering the fact that Sarah is an art teacher.


Surprisingly enough the movie was actually really good. It was packed with suspense and a few shotgun blasts to the chest. And what really made this movie great was the ending. The adrenaline drenched desire to survive turned this teacher and children into brutal savages… literally. It was crazy!

Anyway, it was worth the watch and Free on youtube.


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