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I want to talk about the HASHTAG for just a second. I have gotten to where I both love and gate this invention of metadata tag labeling. When I used to use Facebook and Twitter I would see people using it all the time, and even used it some myself. But, honestly on those forms of social media I kind of felt like the HASHTAG was only ever used for marketing research on part of online corporations. A way to narrow down on who is looking at what, so to speak. Because of this I never really used them. But now that I have traded the traditional forms of social media for blogging and following blogs, I both love and hate it. I have a wordpress app on my phone now that lets me keep up with blogs I follow and allows me to follow HASHTAGS I am interested in. I love it because I can follow things narrowed down to the word #embalmer, #embalming, or #howardtheduck for example. By following these HASHTAGS my app keeps up with any wordpress blog that used that tag. Therefore I am able to read stuff from other bloggers that I am interested in.


But there is a downside. And this downside it what has me talking about it now. Because, honestly its pretty aggravating.

Let’s say you want to follow a tag based on something more generalized, like #horror or #design. That is when it gets aggravating trying to find things you care to check out. Because it is such a largely generalized category you have to sift through tons of junk to get to anything worth looking at. For example, when I am looking for something to read in the #thewalkingdead HASHTAG I have to wade through post after post of people blogging their future New York Times best seller one chapter at a time. Why do people do this? Your book that no one is reading has nothing to do with that HASHTAG. Now, me personally… I don’t read up on #thewalkingdead, but felt like it would make my point.

There really is no rhyme or reason to this post. I just felt like griping about how people are flooding potentially good tags with junk in the hopes that the tag will help gain them readers.


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