Zombie Squad 205: I need that patch

Here is another movie I am completely surprised I had never heard about. 1989’s The Dead Next Door is clearly a comic homage to George A. Romero’s zombie trilogy. It is Free to watch. There were tons of references to the trilogy. One of the doctors in the movie was even named Dr. Savini after the infamous special effects artist. This movie is jammed packed with “look out” moments. It is clear to see from the start that these guys were not afraid to use the red syrup. And it is a constant theme through the entire movie. Red syrup covers everything and everyone through the entire film.


The other thing that really got me loving this film was the story. This movie fallows a group of police known as the zombie squad. Since the outbreak, a police division was formed to eliminate zombies. I was intrigued by this because it reminded me of the zombie novella, Rainbows and Sunshine… and Zombies: An extermination crew struggling to make ends meet in an over flooded market of zombie extermination companies.


I know one thing for sure… I need to get that patch.


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