Art of the Day: Monster Mash Style


Obviously, today’s art of the day is partially inspired by Ash from the Evil Dead series. But even still, I didn’t really have a direction or anything when I decided to put my pencil to the paper. This is just what came out of the desire to draw and create. Don’t ask me what the sports hand is all about, because I have no idea. A lot of the time what I draw just kind of comes together all on its own. I will say that I do like the simplicity of this piece. Rather than add a bunch of stuff in the background I felt like it was done as is.

Even though I am happy with how it came out, I am not totally satisfied. I have seen a dozen artists do work like I do, but use photoshop to do the outlines. By doing the outlines like that the images always really pop. I just don’t have the patients to draw something, scan it in, and then use my tablet to fight with the outlines. Maybe one day I will force myself to do a few pieces like that as sort of a practice or something.

Who knows…

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