I am getting too old for the Movie Theater

Last week on opening night for the movie THE BOY, Sarah and I went and saw it. Before I get into what I thought about the film I wanted to say that I am losing my appreciation for the theater. It has lost its luster. Gone are the days of silent patrons and considerate viewers. What is the point of spending the extra money to see a film on the big screen, if the only pro is that it’s big? People always kicking your seat, cell phones out and on all across the theater through the entire movie. And it seems like no one can manage to sit still anymore. The theater was alive with the noise of rustling, coughing, chatting, shifting, opening candy, closing candy, cell phones ringing. The list seems like it could just go on and on. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the parent who had their infant in the theater with them to see a horror movie. Got to love baby talk and crying during a movie you paid an arm and a leg to see on the big screen. So, yea… I could care less if I ever see a movie on the big screen again. That doesn’t mean Sarah wont drag me out to see something as soon as next month. But it would be too soon if it happened to be never. I will say it again, the big screen has lost its luster. So, onto the movie, THE BOY.


Honestly, it was too slow for me. Yes, it has at least 3 or 5 parts in the film when everyone in the theater jumped, including myself. That doesn’t always mean that the movie is good or that it is working. All that meant to me was that this was a cheap tricks type of film. And in order for those cheap tricks to cause a fright they have to be sudden and unexpected. In order for this to work there has to be a lull before the scare. Sadly, this was the tactic for the entire movie. The entire movie was one giant lull so that the Boo moments would work. Lame…


I will say that despite the fact that I got dragged though a slow movie, the ending was nostalgic. It reminded me of a movie called THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking it out. It was practically the same movie, but better. A spooky, possibly haunted house, some likeable characters, and the people living in the walls. The end. At least with this movie you might not have someone kicking your chair.


4 thoughts on “I am getting too old for the Movie Theater

  1. Yes sir, I agree completely. Times have changed and not for the better in many ways. Back in the day, going to movie theaters was an awesome source of inspiration. I remember going to the ones in PC and talking for hours afterwards about them. Now days it takes a lot for me to just go to a theater.


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