Dead People school update: Look Sharp


One of my mentors as a machinist and Christian once said, “a little Marry K. goes a long way”. In other words, if the part you made looks good, it must be good. As many of you know, I have been in dead people school for a while, and it has been troubling to find work in that field while doing school. This struggle has been due to the tattoos I have that can’t be covered up even when looking my Sunday best. Well, I officially went to work yesterday for a Funeral Home in the Dayton area. They can’t make promises on an official apprenticeship, but they are going to work me as often as they can. This is great, but that is honestly all I am looking for right now. Someone to let me get my feet wet while I truck along with my studies. And when it is all said and done, I will hopefully have a little bit of the career sprinkled into my resume already when it comes time to graduate. But honesty, that isn’t the most exciting thing about all of this. It rises my hopes with encouragement to know that there are employers in the dead people world that are willing to look past appearance.

PS: That isn’t the actual preparation room, but rather something I simply pulled from the web.


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