Are you tired of your EDH play group?


Okay, so I have been playing EDH/Commander for a while and I feel like I have gone through a few difference phases. My very first deck was a pure combo build. I still have the deck and focused on combo structure so much that my first hand of every game had at least one combo piece and a tutor card. So, winning just came down to mana. Before long I found that I am no longer interested in being a combo player. Granted, all of my decks have at least one combo in them just in case I am playing that type of meta. I became more interested in winning via attrition. Sadly, in EDH/Commander this type of game play rarely exists in the average playgroup. Everyone is just interested in instant kills, board lock, and comboing out to win. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy it and will continue to play. But, I have found that the idea of a budget build based play group seems more and more appealing to me as time goes on. Rather than assuming you know what someone’s deck is going to do just because of the color choices, a budget build play group focuses on everyone being on an equal standing ground. For example: if a player is running black you can assume they play Coffers. If they play blue you can assume they play Cyclonic Rift. After a while the meta gets old and predictable. To reduce this predictability I got the Planechase planes for that rare occasion someone else wants to play it.

But that is just not enough.

I am honestly thinking about starting a play group or even looking for an existing playgroup that does budget builds. You can play any color you want and any commander you want, but the entire deck can’t cost more than $50 bucks. Kind of like tiny leaders or something. It just seems like this type of play group would be less predictable, require more strategy in the moment, and generate more assertion based play.

A Note to those in my current play group that might read this: I am not tired of you. You are great at challenging me to be a better player. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But still, something about the EDH/Commander format has become predictable.




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