Crazy Talk/March Madness

Hello March,

I would say that I can’t believe that it is March already, but that would be a lie. I honestly feel like it should be September already, February was the longest month of my life, filled with disappointment and despair. I don’t set a lot of goals for my year, but the few I had were quickly squashed simultaneously pushing me over the crazy town bridge, which in turn made everyone around me treat me like the basket case that I feel like. So….that was my February. BUT. Other than now being on everyone’s crazy person radar now, February made me reanalyze some things in my life and really take a look at whether I have actually been taking care of myself. It made me make a new plan, a revised version, think about the what ifs and be realistic. So yes I am going to be OK. No there is absolutely nothing wrong with my marriage (not that it would be your business if there was). Yes I like teaching Elementary art. No my job is not all peaches and cream. I will Live. I am on my own crazy journey and will be ok. February was rough.



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