iphone theme update: Reanimator (update)


So, technically I should be doing homework seeing as to how I have quarter finals coming up in another week. But after glaring at anatomy jargon for 5 hours straight I decided I need a little bit of a break. With that, I felt like it was time to update my phone theme. It was Howard the Duck. You can see it here. But, in the spirit of dead people school I decided to update it to The Reanimator. Yes, the home screen is actually partially from another movie called Return of the Living Dead, and not The Reanimator series at all… but so what. I felt like it fit well and both of the movies are really good. And you know what… Don Calfa (aka; Ernie the mortician – the guy holding the heads on my phone screen) is one of the major players in my desire to go to dead people school. So, yea.livingdeadphonescreen.jpg

Update: Went ahead and did one for the Return of the living dead as well.


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