Getting off Facebook for Good.


I deleted my facebook again, but this time for good. I just don’t get it anymore. I used to love social media back when I toured for a living, because social media helped me book shows and keep up with all the cool people I met while traveling. But now, it seems like everything everyone (including myself) ever posts is self centered garbage and propaganda. I am in no way better than anyone that still uses it, but I do have to admit, I challenge you to step back and actually evaluate what you are wasting your time on. A large portion of it is probably junk outside of keeping up with friends and family. I have better things to do than watch vines and political garbage. Today’s politics remind me of a popularity contest for middle school. It is pathetic. I deleted my account a while back and then made a new one so as to keep up with some job postings related to school. I found out that I can still view the postings without having an account. So, there you have it. Peace, I’m out.


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