KiteVenture 2016

On Saturday I was bummed out because I wasn’t feeling up to going anywhere or being around anyone and knew that I was missing this Kite festival I really wanted to go to. Well, like any terrible person I decided to look up the festivities to see how much fun everyone else was having! To my surprise it was on Sunday! So I jumped through hoops and made a plan with my main man to go the next day!kite1blog

We made the 3.5 hour trip to  the Austin, TX, aka the promised land, annual kite festival sponsored by ABC. There was a huge turn out and it was the perfect windy weather. I flew my kite(a couple times), ate food truck food(took 4-ever), pictures with kite celebrities, witnessed my first kite competition and saw the largest kites I have ever seen. I did have a mental list of some kites I was hoping to see (cough- George Peters), but didn’t see any of them! I guess I just have superb taste in kites. I can not lie, I do want to go back next year and to win a kiting trophy.

For anyone wanting to know what my kite dreams look like check out my WishList!



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