Doran, Treefolk – Voltron Deck Update


okay, so I have been playing EDH/Commander for a few years now. The main deck that I play is Doran, the Siege Tower. This deck is my baby if you will. It isn’t necessarily aggressive or overpowering in any sense of the word. But it has managed to remain consistent early game and I almost always kill off at least one player via General Damage by midgame. That is not always the case, but it is consistent. I like this deck for a few reasons. One, it is a tribal treefolk deck. Trees are legit. Second, I feel that it is well balanced. It has a splash of everything. I am posting it today because I am looking for some outsider insight or criticism. I have been playing this deck for nearly a year now and just this last week decided to give it a hard once over, taking out things that never get played, or that when they do they aren’t very relevant. Doing this led me to flush out nearly 15 cards. These cards were primarily Defender based creatures and ways to allow them to attack. There were also one or two more combos than there is now. I replaced these cards with more removal, utility cards, and toughness based creatures that don’t have the Defender downside.


So, take a look and make some suggestions. One thing I am thinking about doing still is removing Wasteland and replacing it with a forest. As small of a change as that is, I have been tweaking this deck with progressive multi-player in mind. Therefore it is a hard one to make. Click here to view the deck. Make some suggestions. Rate it. Leave comments. This is my baby. Let’s make it great together.


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