Art of the Day: Attack of the AT


So, over the last week or so I have been itching to get back into something creative on a grander scale. Most of you guys know that I am an author, used to record and release music, and even did a little comic book. When I say I have been itching to do something creative, I mean on a larger scale than just doodling an art of the day. I mean something like getting back in there and writing again, or starting a new comic book. That itch has been very prevalent lately.

Sadly, with the amount of school I have going on I just can’t commit to a real project right now, which is why I have been doing art of the day so much recently. Art of the Day has allowed me to be creative, but without the long term commitment of a real project.

An idea came to me for a comic book, so today’s art of the day is based on that idea. I think it would be cool to do a comic book that puts Tucker the Raccoon and a random friend in the wilderness. And what better way to do that than have them tackling the Appellation Trail. They could get into all kinds of trouble on this adventure. And yes, of course… they would have to stumble across big foot. The story wouldn’t be complete without it. I don’t have the time to handle the project right now, because of my school load, but I wanted to drop this art of the day out there and simply mention the idea I had and that maybe one day soon I will have the time to crank out a campy miss-adventure for Tucker on the AT.


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