Dead People Books and Drawing Pictures

Okay, so I have been cranking out drawing after drawing for what seems like the last two months day after day. Well, I am officially going to take break from drawing for a little while. As of Monday this coming week I am going to be in Finals Week for this semester of Dead People school. Cram time. So, no more drawing for a little while. Sorry for that. But, on the bright side I only have one week left of this semester, which is nice. I hope I do well on finals and pass all my classes. I never knew school could be so hard. Personally I am not one for book smarts. I am more of a hands on learner. You put me in a perpetration room with a mentor and I will come out the other side a skilled, competent career man… no doubt. All this book stuff on the other hand is for the birds. It is overwhelming. And at times I honestly get the feeling that 80% of what I need to know to pass the Board exam is not at all relevant to the daily activities of the dead people job. But, who am I? I am just making an observation. That is all. I can’t help but think that it is like that for most professions. So, I in no way feel alienated or anything. I am just saying that this book work stuff is tough business. Wish me luck on my Dead People Finals next week.


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