plant your feet or lose your seat


This week is finals week, so I have a lot going on. But that aside, Sarah randomly stumbled upon a house that she loved and just for the heck of it we decided to go to the bank and see what they would say. And boom, just like that we are pre-approved. Now the looming question is what to do. So many variable exist. Do we want to get a lot and build a small home for the sake of yearly life expenses. Or do we want to get a retro swingers pad with high walls, windows, and hot tubs? Or… do we do nothing and just chill? We could get into a home and start putting out money toward an investment. We could go minimal and live lazy part time job lives. Or we could sit tight and keep renting with the intent of moving off to bigger and better places in the not so distant future. So many questions. So many variables. Sarah already knows my stance it naturally toward minimalism. She did after all meet me when i was living in a car. Maybe we will go big or go home. Maybe we will meet in the middle and go little.

That’s life for you.

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