Finals Week – Business Time

Okay, so it is freaking finals week. Holy crap books and thinking is exhausting. I am excited however to say that I am writing this blog post-finals. That’s right, I’m finished! That crap was crazy. Six classes is too much material to retain in such a short period of time. Just isn’t realistic. In fact it’s fictional to assume I can remember all that crap. So, yeah… this week was like Mulan for real.


But overall it wasn’t that bad. I learned a lot this semester about what it really means to take effective notes. I learned that the phrase Dead Beat comes from people that skipped out on paying for a funeral. And that the phrase Graveyard Shift came from what was called a dead ringer. People got paid to walk graveyards over night to listen for bells. If they heard a bell that meant that someone was 6 feet underground tugging on a rope. They got buried alive and the rope was attached to a bell above ground. I also learned that most finals will have some questions that were not actually covered in any of the material, which is stupid. And I also learned that some questions that are multiple choice will have zero right answers. How that is even possible kind of blows my mind. Anyway, the semester is over. I don’t know my final grades yet, but I have a feeling I passed all my classes.


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