Being an Adult


So, this is what being an adult author looks like. I finally have a two week break from school and it just so happens that my favorite author also released a book at the same time. During this two week break I plan on getting a lot accomplished around the house, of course. But aside from that I was excited by the prospect of reading a new book by Brian Keene. His new book, The Complex even managed to make it to my house in time to read during my break.

Then what is the problem?

Well, I too am an author, and my very first book is up for re-release with a different publisher in just a few short months. But before it gets to go to print I have decided to do some major changes and even go so far as to turn it into a co-write. Let’s just say The End was my first book… so it could use a lot of work. My co-author Dane Hatchell has sent the revisions for the re-release to me for review/edit. I could spend this next two week relaxing and reading a good book by Brian Keene, or I could do the adult author thing and sit down and grind through these edits before it gets passed to the publisher for re-release.

Obviously I am going to do the adult author thing and start running through a final draft of The End. In fact I have already started.



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