Punch a bear in the Face!!! #mtg #edh


So, I recently did major updates to all 6 of my EDH decks, proxying the changes for now… but with the intent to purchase the cards. Well, now that means I need to make some money to get these proxies replaced with the real thing. This week I am going through all of the cards in my closet in hopes of raising money to go toward the cards I need to make my updated deck completed once more. I am at the halfway point and I am already more than $100 toward my goal. Hopefully this last half will have some solid cards in it and help me get the rest of what I need. If not, then I guess I will just have to ask Sarah for my birthday in a few months. This is a tedious task. I can’t wait to be done with it. Why did I even start? Ha… anyway, going through the cards I came across one that was so ridiculous I had to share it. Savage Punch sounds brutal. And of course it is. This dude is punching a freaking bear in the face!


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