So, I guess I am in a band…

God is good.

As most of you know, I used to be a singer-songwriter who toured nationally for a living. Including some of the other bands I was in before my solo stuff I toured full time for the better part of 5 or 6 years. I miss it a lot. And since then I haven’t really done any writing musically. I have always told myself that if I got back into music it would be at church for the edification of the body of believers and not self. The last church I was at before we relocated for Sarah’s job was Life Church. Those guys are awesome and I had the opportunity to play the cajon for them. The cajon is basically a hollow box that can produce a range of tones, emulating a drum kit if used properly. Since the relocation however Sarah and I have attended several churches in Liberty, Dayton, Humble, and Baytown… searching for that place that we fit in. Finding a church can be hard. Especially for Christians like Sarah and I. we just don’t believe in being merely attendees. Also known as pew sitters. Personally I don’t understand that concept. If it was my intention to walk into a building, sit and listen to music, shake a few hands, listen to a message, and then go home… having learned nothing about the people sitting around me, then what is the point? If I was just going to sit there I could accomplish essentially the same thing from the comfort of my own couch by streaming a church from the internet. What is crazy about this concept is the fact that most Christians seem to fall into the group. Show up… smile… shake the hand of a name you can’t remember… and go home.


Well, as a last ditch effort to feel connected in our faith with the local community we decided to try a Calvary Chapel in Baytown. I used to go to one in Florida and I loved it. If you find yourself struggling to fit in, then this branch of the body of Christ might be for you. My experience has been that it is a come as you are community that strives on challenging us to study the bible line by line rather than putting a motivational speaker in our faces and sending us on our way.

Anyway, I am writing this blog just to say that I am not worthy and that God is good. We have been going to this church for a little over two months now and we feel welcome and are getting to know a lot of the people there. I have even been invited to join the worship team as one of the drummers on rotation. I have always felt that it was important for me to not give up on music just because I wasn’t on the road anymore. It feels good to be back behind a kit and I am honored to give back to God with my talents.

This Sunday is my first Sunday service to play at this gathering. Considering it has been something like 4 years since I have actually played a full kit, this should be interesting.

God is good, and if you go to church but find yourself being a pew sitter, I encourage you to stand up and start knocking on doors. In one way or another, the bible says we don’t have because we don’t ask. If you want to get involved you have to speak up.


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