back to school – dead people rule

So, yea school is back in full swing for me as of today. The two week break that I got went by way too fast. Things like that always do, don’t they? Not only is school back into high gear, but I have been picking up a lot of hours at the Funeral Home I am interning at. I have been doing all kinds of stuff from digging holes to house calls. It feels good to be getting the experience and to also have the opportunity to see the ins and outs of every aspect of the business first hand.

dig.pngAfter this semester I will be at the half way point. This means that it is almost time for me to consider getting my provisional license as an embalmer/director. Basically this license will grant me further training in areas otherwise considered off limits, but these off limits hours would in turn go toward school credit. I don’t know that I am ready for it, but I have looked into it and it’s not cheap. If I don’t do it during this semester, then I think I will look at getting it done during my next break. Wish me luck on this semester and hopefully I continue to get called in to work regularly, as things have picked up a bit. This school stuff is tough business. This new school book I just got in is pretty brutal.



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