Quality Foil Proxies on the low


As most of you know who follow my MTG rants, I have been known to make some really solid high quality proxies for my kitchen table EDH addiction. Well, with this ability I decided to try my luck at doing foil proxies of my commanders. In total I have seven EDH decks, 4 of which have no proxies in them (for the record). Anyway, I decided on the method and then before getting into shopped around. In doing this I came across someone else that does these foil proxies with the same method I would have used. And from what I could tell online they looked like they had their method down pat. Rather than go through the hassle of ordering window decals and updating my printer, I decided to go with this seller on Esty. In the long run I got them done sooner, and essentially cheaper than had I gone through the trouble of doing it myself. This seller was supper cool and went out of their way to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend this shop!

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