How consistent can a 100 card deck really be? #edh #mtg #cmdr


I have been playing MTG for a few years now after having had the opportunity to play regularly back when it first came out in the 90’s. Since then however I have begun playing EDH, as most players that follow my blog know. Here is the thing… as an avid EDH player and deck builder I think the thing I pride myself on the most is the consistency of my Doran deck. It does what I want more often than not. And when I say more often I mean like 95% of the time.

When I say this however I am aware that it seems almost impossible to have a consistent build when you have 100 cards that are all different. What is the honesty likelihood that you will get what you want every time with a 100 to 1 ratio fighting against you? I have read countless gamer blogs that assure us all that there is no such thing as a consistent EDH build. Well, I am here to refute that idea and I have a playgroup of friends that can back me up on it. My Doran deck is consistent regardless of the 100 to 1 odds. And that is because I built it to be consistent. 95% of the time this big banger comes out swinging hard and heavy with at least one or two swords by turn 4 every game. And proof of this truth is last night. It has been a few weeks since I have played, but last night my Doran deck sang true again as always, but this time working 100% rather than 95%. By mid game my commander had all of the swords on him and a few other equipments for good measure-swinging a whopping 24 commander damage with protection from all colors. I guess I am mostly writing this blog because I recently had someone post on my tapped out page that there was no way for any one deck to be truly consistent. And they said this about my Doran build.

Well, I am sorry… but you are wrong.



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