Serving the Church can be a Tricky Business


So, we have been going to the same church for a while now and we think these guys are fantastic. I also have the heart to serve which is why Sarah and I stepped forward after a few weeks and said we are interested in serving in the church. This is something I think everyone should do. If you are a Christian and are part of a local community, you should go beyond just being a pew sitter. Well, the inevitable happened and I was asked to step up in rotation as the drummer for the worship team. Sadly, this offer to serve musically came at the same exact time that work in Dead People World started picking up. And since a lot of funerals take place on Sunday I had to step down from the position before I ever even really got started. This is a sad day for me because my true passion to serve is in music.


The cool thing though, is that this church has many different opportunities to serve outside of just music. I am branching out and hope to get plugged into a ministry there that does not conflict with work. If you go to church but you feel disconnected like you don’t belong, all it takes is a step of faith. I encourage you to get off of that pew and get involved. By doing this you will find yourself making true friends and developing real and lasting relationships. Because, let’s face it… that is what church is all about—relationships.


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