Sorting #mtg cards is way overrated #edh


If I ever sort through another massive stack of cards again in my life, it will be too soon. This last week I had a friend at my local playgroup give away his trade binder. Don’t ask why he gave it away, because I don’t know. I do know that he recently went to an event and traded most of the expensive trades he had for some great picks. So, when he have me the binder and I told him I was just going to sort it and sale it as a bulk list we both assumed I would make $50, if that. Well, this binder was loaded and it took an entire day to go through. I sat through three movies getting those cards sorted and priced. When it was all said and done, the cards that were on the buy list for the online retailer that I use came out to nearly $380 bucks in in-store credit. That was a pretty cool and unexpected find and my friend was very generous with passing me the cards he didn’t want. Free money is always awesome. Anyway, it is obvious to state that by the time I got this list packaged and shipped out to be graded for resale my mind was mush. My eyes were tired. I was done looking at cards.

Or so I thought.

The very next morning a friend asked me to come over and help him sort through his entire collection. This friend has so many cards that his goal in sorting them and selling them off is to afford a trip to Japan. So, you can assume it was a lot to look at. The pictures in this post were just pulled from the web. Trust me… there were a lot more than what you see here. Being the good guy that I am I put aside the fact that I was burnt out and went over to help. It feels good to know that all the commons I have in my closet aren’t worth anything, because I don’t plan on sorting cards again for as long as I possibly can… at least until someone passes off their trade binder, that is.


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