How to become a better deck builder

Well, today was officially the second time that I have had to leave a play group behind.  Have spent the last year playing with all of the great guys and gals over at Ettin Games in Humble, Texas and today was my final night to play with them since Sarah and I are going to be moving out to Austin soon. My previous play group was great because it was a super tight nit group. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to become super close friends with the players at Ettin (mostly just because I lived like 45 minutes away), they did manage to challenge the abilities. This group of players are totally cut throat. No question about it. These players challenged my deck building skills and my ability as a gamer. Everyone there is super genuine. I even had one player give me their entire trade binder, which I traded in for a little more than $300 in store credit through an online retailer for MTG. Doesn’t get any cooler than that.


So, to all the guys at the shop – Matt, Matt, Jared, Jared, Sam, and everyone else… you guys challenged me to be a better player and deck builder. Hopefully my next playgroup will be as laid back and down to earth. That group is fun and we had a lot of laughs. Hopefully when someone else comes in and plays Doran you guys with stop and think of me.

Enough sappy-sap.

If you want to become a better builder/player, join a cut throat playgroup like the one at Ettin Games in Humble, Texas.


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