Used books in an epic book treasure trove @briankeene

So, Sarah and I have been in this little town of Dayton for a year now and I am just now finally getting around to checking out the local little used book store called The Bookstore. I do have to say, they have a pretty extensive collection so long as you are willing to invest the time to look around. But don’t let these pictures fool you. The store is organized by genre and author name. So, if they have it, it wouldn’t be hard to find.


I came across all of the old “They shall not be named” publications of Brian Keene’s work. If you haven’t read him, I recommend it. The new publisher he is with, Deadite Press, is pretty solid. I however did not pick up any of these while I was there. No, I already own most of his work and heave read just about all of it. What I did manage to dig up was 4 Richard Laymon books, all of which I have also already read. What can I say? His stuff is good. This place was crazy cool. Wish I would have checked it out sooner.


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