The Van Allen Radiation Belt and the Moon Landings #vanallenbelt


Okay, so I am a give fan of NASA and have been keeping up with them and everything they are doing for a while now. But a recent video made me question if the moon landings are even real. Everyone probably already knows that there are tons of nut jobs out there that go along with the conspiracy theorists out there that believe that the moon landings were all done here on Earth. That’s right, we never landed on the moon and everyone has been fooled. I have spent so much time arguing that this is not true and that these accusations are totally outlandish. However, this following Mars Mission related video has me questioning if the landings ever actually happened. At about 3 minutes into the video the speaker mentions the complications that they face regarding the Van Allen Radiation Belt. I found this strange considering the fact that the moon exists beyond this belt. And after further investigation have determined that man can no currently survive the radiation levels they would face passing through this belt. If we have already been to the moon, then how have they not already resolved the issues associated with it; including mechanical as well as physical.

With this consideration in mind all of those other conspiracy theories regarding the moon landing don’t seem so outlandish. Why are there no stars visible in the vast expanse of space beyond the moon? Why is the flag blowing if there is no wind in space? Why is there so many lighting related inconstancies? The list seems to go on and on. I am not claiming I know anything, or that I am conspiracy nut. However, you have to stop and ask yourself… how is it that we are trying to resolve an issue for the Mars mission that the moon landings would have also faced? If we went to the moon the astronauts were exposed to lethal levels of radiation, and yet all of them who came back alive came back healthy as all get out. That seems questionable.


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