Whose idea was it to buy a house during finals week?


Life is chaos. Let’s be honest, everyone who has ever had to do some adulting can agree with me on that truth. Life is chaos, period. This week is totally crazy, both in a good and bad way. This Tuesday Sarah and I are finally closing on a house purchase in East Austin, Texas. That’s right. Home owners in Live music capital of America. Not only are we making the trek out there this coming week to close the deal, but we will be coming back home to load up, pack, travel, and unpack. Most people wouldn’t really be that bothered by this part. All home purchases require moving. Relocating is just part of the party. The issue here is that in the midst of buying a home and moving it is also finals week for dead people school. To make matters worse, my internet provider has already switched my service to the new address without my permission. I am not even sure how that is possible, but let’s just say that I will probably be changing to a new provider as soon as we get moved in. #ATT customer care is terrible. There is no other way to say it. With this issue in mind, not only do I have to take finals in the middle of a big move, I have to figure out a time to take tests without internet. I am not looking forward to a coffee shop style test taking situation. I am easily distracted and a coffee shop would be terrible for taking my finals. Either way, I will get it figured out.

Anyway, rant over.

We are moving. And it is finals week.


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