The New Vest is on the move


Okay, so those of you who know me I have spent the last year and a half wearing the same shirt and pants (multiples of the same colors like Doug Funny). Anyway, before I got onto this little color kick I got a black hoodie and put a Bizarro Brigade back patch on it. I have literally worn that hoodie practically every day for the last 3 years. It annoys the crap out of Sarah that my wardrobe never really changes, but with this move to Austin it was time for a change. It was time for a change for a few reasons. One, because I have worn that hoodie for a long time and it is really faded. Secondly, it is so much hotter in Central Texas than it is in East Texas. If I am going to commit to an everyday jacket in this area of the world I need one that doesn’t have sleeves. I instantly fell in love with this vest because it fits my color pallet and has a hood. On top of that it has that scene kid look that I seem to be going for. If you are going to look like a 30-something year old high school doom metal drop out, then this vest is for you. Which is why I am getting it. Also, the last time Sarah and I came through Austin before the big move she got me a Phantasm shirt which is perfect for the back of the vest. And heck, for Sarah’s sake it even has a little color to change things up a bit.

It was actually hard work getting this vest. I ordered it online but got an email a week later regarding an order cancellation because of inventory issues. Well, I was dead set on this vest and called all of the stores in the Austin area that carried it. No one had it in a large. Well, after a few more calls I found one in East Texas and I have someone who believes in my emo mid life crisis high school angst style enough to go get it for me and mail it out.

Now that I will be wearing the mess out of a Phantasm vest I guess I should force Sarah to watch all 4 movies. For those of you who care to know… Phantasm is number 1 on the top 5 movies that inspired me to go to school to become an undertaker.


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