Getting this house in order


This week has been super busy. We have been hustling to get unpacked and comfortable in our new home. We still have a little bit of unpacking to do, but the two of our main rooms are totally complete. The living room and the craft/office room where I do my homework at are all done. They both turned out fantastic. In the living room our yarn art collection fit perfectly as well. We only ended up not hanging two of our yard art pieces. My next major project is going to be the garage. We are also about to start looking at getting a retro dining table for our dining room. We have already looked at a few that we like. But don’t let these pictures fool you. It hasn’t been all work and no play.


We have gone around town a little bit in the midst of unpacking. We eat at a few nice places, went to IKEA a few times, got the complete Cthulhu mythos book from Barnes & Noble, and even went to a nursery that specializes in raising nothing but cactuses and such. It was pretty cool. Sarah fell in love with the store and I imagine we will be visiting it regularly. She even managed to find something she liked and found a home for it in the living room.


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