The good, the bad, the aggravating… apply online


Today started out really great. We work up early, took the dogs to the vet to get checked up on so that we could meet the new vet staff and to get them their monthlies. When we were all done there we decided to go to the dog park. Surprisingly, even though it was early on a weekday the park was bustling with activity and the dogs had a great time. We hung out there for a while before coming home to have lunch. That stuff was awesome. The rest of the day however has been pretty aggravating.


Having just relocated to the Austin area I have decided that I need to get a part time job while in school. So far I have been blessed in that I didn’t really have to work while dealing with my studies. But now that we are in cool kid city, price of living for us has gone up. That means a simple internship will not do. I need a part time job. I am still waiting to hear back on one interview I did last week, but while I wait I decided to start the hunt for anything under the sun just in case. Name a place, I have probably applied. Started off applying at places close to the house before venturing out further into town. Gone are the days of meeting the manager, having an impromptu interview, and getting hired. Now a days everything is done online. Just go to this site or that link. Fill out all the details of your personal life on the world wide web where data is safe, and then answer a brief 100 question survey that intentionally tries to slip you up. No offense, but even if they weren’t trying to catch me off guard, by question 75 “how do I feel about my attitude in life” I can’t help but feel dejected. I have officially filled out more than 25 online applications with no call backs. The few follow ups I have done have declared that I wasn’t a good fit for the job. Since when did this style of hiring overpower a face to face assessment? I am honestly over qualified for most of these jobs and my resume indicates commitment, so what is the problem?

Since I am actually just looking to help supplement a little income while in school, the type of job I have doesn’t really matter. With that in mind I have even applied and been turned down by Burger King of all places. If the American unemployment rate is up right now it isn’t Obama’s fault. The idiot who decided online survey applications was a brilliant idea. Because let’s be honest, if I used cocaine (which I don’t), I think the average person who does use it is just going to lie when your survey asked a cocaine style question. If I can count to 10, know that there are 7 days in a week, and that there is not 80 days in a month you might be able to get a job.


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