Austin is definitely for the dogs w/ @beardcakes

Well, not only did the dogs meet the vet and go to the dog park this week, but we decided yesterday that it was time to try taking the dogs out to the river after having visited it ourselves without them. So, yesterday we got two 30 foot leashes just in case they felt like wondering away.

And off we went.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect with these two dogs. One of them is a big baby that Sarah and I have determined thinks it is actually a house cat, climbing all over you and rubbing his head in your chest for attention. The other one however is an adventurer; hens the long leashes. But, surprisingly they did well. They didn’t do great, but well. For the most part they stayed anchored to the shore by a few feet and spent most of the time romping in the water.

Once Sarah and I felt comfortable about it we let them both off of the leashes a little here and there. They loved the water, like all lab mixes do. The picture of me and Walter in the water looking away is actually part of the time that they weren’t on leashes. In that photo he and I were actually watching a crowd of people jumping from the edge of a cliff face into the water. We had a great time.

My hope for the future is to continue bringing them out places and acclimating them to an Austin lifestyle. They have spent so much time just being home bodies that it is going to take a bit of adjustment and behavioral training to start taking them places with us. You can take your dogs practically everywhere in Austin.

Slow and steady wins the race, and today was a great start.



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