Pokemon Go Outside

So I have been bitten by the Pokemon Go bug. If you don’t know what it is than you most likely don’t have the internet, a cell phone, a tv and you live in a hole. BUT if you do have all of those things and somehow have missed it, let me fill you in. In the early nineties Pokemon was created, a game for the handheld gaming system GameBoy. The first three versions of this game were simply titled by color : Red, Blue, Yellow. Yes, the primary colors. I was given the yellow version and devoured it, plying it every chance I got on my clear second edition gameboy. Believe it or not since then Nintendo has continued making expansion packs and selling them like hotcakes. The last one I played was the Diamond version back in my freshman year of college.

Well, I drifted away from my old friend Pokemon, claiming to be to adult, not having enough time. UNTIL now. Pokemon Go. This has all the general concepts the games had, catch pokemon, gain points, battle other trainers, etc. etc. But now it is available on your phone for free and no longer can you catch all your virtual pokemon from the comfort of your bed. This APP requires the user to move, to walk, hike, jump. As a player(trainer) you are tracked by your phones GPS and led to virtual pokemon. (They even you your camera feature to make them seem like they are in the real world) You must find gyms and pokestops at popular landmarks/points of interest. If you know anything about Geocaching this should sound vaguely familiar. What is truly amazing about this app though is the sense of community it has formed. Instantly we can relate to other people and start conversations because we are all playing. Groups and meetups are being formed and planned with a plethora of different types of people attending. In a time of transition for most who grew up playing them game, us 30-22 year olds, we are finding unity and friendship. Also, We are getting outside and exercising, which if you are anything like me, hasn’t happened in a while. I encourage you to play this game and make new friends! (Join Team Mystic, Just Saying.)



Here is a fun drawing Pat and I collaborated on. Enjoy!



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