New Hat – Old Hat – New Patch – Old Patch


Well, for those of you that know me well… I wear the same outfit every single day. I have a Howard the Duck hat that I have worn most every day for the last few years. I have officially retired the hat. I recently ordered a Custom Cycling Cap with fabric choices that match my daily wardrobe. On top of that the cap is actually embroidered on the front of the bill. I got to pick what it says. I went with triceratops… because well, why the heck not!?!? Since the Howard the Duck hat is out of commission I am not giving up on the duck. The patch made its way onto the new vest I just got. I actually also have a custom patch coming in the mail for the Bizarro Brigade that will also be going on the vest. I can’t wait for that patch to come in the mail. Believe it or not, I actually got the Bizarro Brigade patch for free essentially. Having a patch maker do that patch for me as payment for creating some patch designer for them was such a great deal! With that, in the near future I will be posting some patches that I have designed for an online store. More on that to come!


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