Design a Patch – Sew a Patch

Okay, so… for the last few days I have been talking up all of this patch design stuff on Twitter. In the midst of that hype I kept saying that I would reveal more details later on. Well, as of right now I am not ready to divulge all of the details just yet. But, for those of you who haven’t been in the loop I will catch you up to speed on what I have been saying on Twitter. Recently I managed to snag a sweet deal designing patches for an online retailer. I got the first few designs that went to print in the mail yesterday. They turned out pretty freaking cool if you ask me. In return for payment on designing these patches I also got them to make and print a Bizarro Brigade patch for me for FREE-50-FREE. How cool is that?


Anyway, so I have been sewing a lot lately. Got some new patches on my backpack, that I actually designed. And a new one to go on my vest. Once things more forward some more and I start seeing these designs listed online for sale, I will be sure to post an update.


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