Write a book they said… it’ll be fun they said.

Giant Japanese Spider Crabfor website

Well, it looks like I have started writing a new novel. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on starting on anything new until after I finished school, but something came up. I have decided to get into making and selling patches on the side as a little money generating hobby while I work part time at the Dollar General and go to school full time to learn about dead people stuff. In order for me to get the patch venture off the ground I needed some money to get it going. Well, the best thing I could think of was too pitch a book to a publisher and get the advance. So, I did just that. The contract is done. The advance is in the bank. And the patches have begun the proofing process. With all of that said… looks like this semester is going to be loaded down with all sorts of shenanigans. So, what was the topic that I had to go with for this advance? Well, the publisher gave me three topics: giant sea creatures, dinosaurs, or Godzilla style monsters that devour cities. I pitched a few things for each of these ideas and the publisher went with giant crabs. The sad thing is… I don’t know much about crabs. I have some research to do. Anyway, be on the lookout for my patch store to go love in the coming month. Other than that I have some writing to do if I want to meet this deadline.


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