I’ve been itching to play me some #edh #mtg #cmdr

Well, we have officially been considered Austinites for a little over a month now and I have yet to find a playgroup to join for Magic the Gathering. It isn’t that I haven’t been looking. It’s that I just haven’t had time to get out and go play. There are several shops to chose from, so I am sure to find a group that I fit into well. Heck, this area even has a ton of tournaments, which is cool even though I don’t really do those. So, yeah… the MTG is strong in this neck of Texas. I just need to make some time to go out and give one of these local shops a go. Hopefully, now that I have started this new part time job I can try to get into some sort of a routine and make it a monthly habit to at least get out and play now and again.


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