writing books and making patches


I decided to take a little break from writing on this giant crab book that I commissioned to update you guys on this patch making venture I have started working on. As of right now I have three different designs in the midst of a printing process which hopefully won’t take much longer. Although the process itself is taking a lot longer than I had hoped it would, I have seen the quality of the patches that I am making, and have to say, they are turning out really good. I decided starting out that I would release three designs. The end of this week I will be placing the final bulk order for all three designs. Assuming that these puppies do well, I have already been spending my down time at home to work up other designs that I think might be cool to do. So far I have designed roughly 15 designs, most of which I am pretty happy with. God willing, if this first batch of patches does well we will be seeing more and more designs come to light. Yes, I realize that as of right now I haven’t shared with you any of the designs that I am about to bulk order. That is because I would rather wait and show them for the first time when they are available for order. So keep posted. Hopefully this time two weeks from now I will be telling you to go check out these three designs on the store.


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