This Car is Legit!!!


For the longest time I wanted an El Camino but today I stumbled across this car. It’s called a Gremlin and was released by AMC in the early 1970’s. It looks fantastic.


So, when I decided to look into how much one would cost, I was shocked to see that these things aren’t really all that expensive considering how old they are. Obviously, the better the condition the more it will cost, but man… if I got one of these that looks as sleek as this one does I would be in high heaven. This thing is super cool looking. How is it that I haven’t seen one of these before? Honestly, I think the reason why I am drawn to it in a way, is it looks like a super compact funeral coach. The design reminds me of a hearse. Cruising in one of these with my career would be kind of ironic, don’t you think?



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