my first attempt at joining an #EDH playgroup in #AUSTINTX was a bust

Well, now that we have been in the Austin area for a few months I have finally gotten away from work and school to attempt joining a local Magic that Gathering: Commander Playgroup. The place that seemed the most legit from what I was reading online happened to be a place called Pat’s Games. Seemed like a suiting name since all people called Pat are totally awesome. Sadly, my experience was far from awesome. I was actually quite let down. But before I get into my seemingly negative experience, I want the reader to realize that my experience does not in any way depict the actual establishment. The place was super cool and everyone was super nice. I believe that the circumstances of my experience were merely happenstance and do not in any way reflect the overall value that the venue probably holds for all of its regular customers. With that said, here is my experience in a nut shell.

A bunch of butt cracks I tell you. A bunch of butt cracks.


The venue representative told me that EDH players generally show up at 4:30pm and that there would be a few people that would opt out of the tournaments to continue casual play. Sounded good to me. I showed up at 4:30 and sat twiddling my thumbs until 6. It was at that time that things were looking up. I managed to play two games which were actually very fun and friendly despite losing both games. Also a good sign. I love good players. It makes the game more challenging. But then… all of a sudden at 6:30 everyone was signing up to play tournaments, leaving me twiddling my thumbs again.

Essentially, drove 30 minutes to sit for an hour and a half, play two games, and have everyone but me start getting ready to draft or play other tournament based formats. Needless to say, I was in my car and headed home before 6:45. Talk about frustrating.

I realize that these type of shops make their real money on tournaments, therefore I do not feel like Pat’s Games is a bad shop. They have to do what they have to do. But, in a way I felt misled. I am looking for a playgroup that plays casual-competitive commander.

Anyway, rant over. Enjoy the random photos I came across after googling “MTG Local Tournament”.

Again, I am in no way trying to bash this venue. They seemed supper cool. And if I was into draft, then this place would obviously be the place to play. Also, a friend told me that my issue was that I went on a Friday (FNM). As much as I want to agree with this, my last playgroup met on Friday’s and had their own table away from the events. The issue is that I was led to believe one thing and experienced another.


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