Cryptozoology is for the patches. Check it out!!!


For the Win inc. is a brand spanking new Etsy store I just launched the middle of August this year that sales patches that I personally design. As or right now I have three patches available. All three are themed after Cryptozoology. We have a UFO, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot. As time goes on and I manage to sale enough of these, the profits will go toward releasing new unique designs of all kinds. Each patch is 2.5in. or 6.35cm. in size. For me this venture is about designing and having fun more so than making money, which is why I am keeping customer costs as low as I can.


UFOlogy Patch – $4.99

Loch Ness Monster Patch – $4.99

Sasquatch Brigade Patch – $4.99

Collect all 3 Patches and Save – $13.22

Note: I ship out orders within 1-3 days. If you do manage to buy one, I ask that you leave a review on the store. Since I am a new shop, customer feedback helps to give credibility, which encourages new visitors considering the items I have for sale. Thanks for coming by. Hopefully in the coming months I will have some new designs posted.


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