Out with the old and in with the new #horror #zombies #apocalyptic

Well, it has been five years already! Five years ago I write a novel called THE END. It was the first book I ever wrote and released. Finally all these years later the book is finally getting the justice it deserves. This second edition re-release of THE END is an homage to George A. Romero and all of the releases he had in the early 80’s. He has always been a big inspiration.


Anyway, this is what the book is about!

Civilization tumbles into chaos as mass extinction gives birth to the hungry dead.

After three unlikely survivors band together, the choice to leave the safety of their underground shelter takes them on a terrifying journey that may very well cost them their lives.

All hell breaks loose as the military struggles to keep order and abandon protocol. Is the radio station broadcast a beacon of hope for the band of survivors, or will the military get there first with their radical agenda?

CLICK HERE to get a copy of this hot mess!!!



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