dead people school update time: #embalming clinical

Okay, it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog about how school was going. For those of you who don’t know, I am in school getting my Associates Degree in Applied Science. It is with this degree that I will go on to become a mortician. An undertaker. An embalmer. Creepy stuff.


Anyway, I am only a few weeks from finishing my current semester. With that, I will only have one semester left before graduating and moving on to take my board exams to become listened by the State. Since I am at the end of the tunnel and it seems that things are starting to take a down hill approach, the time for clinical is here. Two weeks from now I will be in the labs for a week or so chopping up bodies and the like. It is time for me to get my hands dirty. I have managed to find some work in the field during school, so I already know exactly what I am getting into. But this is where the grit meets the grind. It is time for me to be the one doing the embalming. Making the incisions. Injecting fluids. All the things. While you are reading this I am actually probably on my way to the store right now getting some scrubs. Yep, legit I know. Looking like I could save someone in a pinch.

Anyhow, just thought I would update everyone. Clinical is here and I need to get ready for it. After that I will have one semester left before I need to grit my teeth and take those board exams!


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