Week 2: patch venture comes to a close #ufo #patch #bigfoot #nessie


Okay, so today marks the final day for week two of patch venture operations. Honestly I could have never anticipated this much of a response. In the first week I sold 10 patches, which is exciting in and of itself. But, when week two came along I figured I would reach higher. My goal for week two was to make 15 sales, a little above the first week… which would put me at a total of 25. Well, my expectations were surpassed by quite a bit. I sit here writing this with more than half the day left and I am already only two sales away from reaching my newly made goal of 40 sales within the first two weeks. How crazy is that? I love waking up in the morning with five or more sales to take care of that day. It is a really cool feeling. I already have two new patch designs in the works and hope to release them sometime next month. After that who knows what adventure this patch venture will drum up next.

To everyone who helped by sharing my Etsy store, thank you. To everyone who actually bought a patch, you guys are super epic. Now on to week three and what excitement it might bring.


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