Howard the Duck for President!!! #button #ebay #retro


Just got this awesome button pin in the mail today from the United Kingdom! I have been a huge fan of Howard the Duck for a really long time. And a while back I came across this vintage button, Howard for President. Sadly, this thing is so old and rare that it is hard to find. All of the ones I have found are either sold or cost nearly $200 on sites like ebay. I really wanted this button but couldn’t force myself to spend that type of money on an item I might eventually lose, considering the fact that it would be worn all the time. So, I went for the next best thing and used my sleuth photoshop skills and managed to pull the design off. With that, I also found an Etsy store that does buttons and was willing to do a custom one of for me. My $200 button ended up being a whopping $4 with shipping included. Boom!!! Happy day indeed.

Note: Left is mine. Right is the real thing for loads of money. Close enough if you ask me.

Boom, I say! Boom!!!

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