Attack of the giant Alaskan King Crab!!! #horror #readabook


Okay, so I just released a new book and junk! For those of you that know that I have just jump started a new venture called For the Win Inc, where I sell and create awesome patches, this book, Horrors of Seward Shores is what made that venture possible. I wasn’t planning on writing a new book any time soon, what with being a full time student and all, but I needed the money to get my patch store going. This book, a novella about giant crab monsters, is what financed my patch venture. Anyway, the book is out now! Here is what it is all about:

Meet Walter Maninko. 

He’s unsuccessful. Never made anything of himself. Hates his job. And definitely never got the girl. But maybe his luck is about to change. In town to handle his family estate, Walter finds himself hoping to turn things around. And a great place to start would be with his high school sweetheart. That is to assume she’s still single all these years later. 


But that’s the least of his worries, as Walter and his friends are interrupted by a monstrous surprise. The small town of Seward, Alaska is suddenly overrun by giant Alaskan king crabs. Where did they come from and how the hell did they get so big? People are dying left and right. 
Will Walter turn things around, make something of himself, and finally get the girl, or will he fall short like he’s always managed to do, and die like everyone else? 

Click here to get a copy of the new book!


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