Week 3 #patch #adventure on @etsy is insane!!!


Okay, so week three is coming to a close. Since a lot of my sales actually happen while I am asleep, chances are I will make a few more sales before week 3 is finished. But with that said, this week was a huge week for FOR THE WIN INC. For starters, the shop exceeded 100 store followers! This is a huge and honestly unexpected goal to have reached in such a short time. But that isn’t even it. In the first three weeks the shop has also managed to make more than 80 sales total, which means at this rate it is possible we will break 100 sales within the first month. That would be mind blowing if that happened. Also, managed to reach and exceed my first 10 reviews for the store. I think this is great because customer feedback is actually low when compared to the number of sales a given store actually does. The fact that we reached and exceeded this number in the first three weeks blows my mind… again. The people shopping my patches are genuine legit. That’s all I can say. And for that, I am thankful. With one week left before FOR THE WIN INC becomes a month old, I have one last goal. And that is to reach up to 100 sales within the first month. With how things have been going thus far, it seems achievable. If it happened, holy cow. If it doesn’t, that is totally okay, because the ride has been outrageously epic so far regardless.


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