Two in one: Embalming clinical/finals week + one month in patch venture land!!!

Well, I have a lot going on. That is for sure. This coming week is finals week and I will be in clinical, plus this weekend marks week 4 of this patch selling venture of mine. It has been a month already.


First off, I have been cranking through 16 credit hours per semester for like a year and a half now and I am burnt out and ready to be done with it. Starting this coming week I will be in my embalming clinical over at the school in Houston. Along with this fact, it is also finals week for the semester. Once this week of school is behind me I will have one semester left, God willing. I am both excited and terrified about the coming week. I am eager to chop up some bodies and glue on some severed heads, but honestly, I hope I get all of my cases in the first week while also doing well on my finals. This semester was a tough one.

That aside, for those of you that know me well or follow my blog, you know that I have recently started selling patches online. For the Win Inc is officially one month old this Sunday. In the short span of 4 weeks I managed to rack up more than 125 sales, close to 200 store followers, and more than 20 reviews on my Etsy store. That is mind bogglingly awesome when you consider how new the patch venture is. With more than half of my sales having been a combo pack I am almost sold out. I started out with three designs at a total of 100 each and I am down to like 5 or 6 of each one left. That is just crazy. I made more money selling patches this month than I did at my part time job at the Dollar General. How wild! Anyway, the profits from this venture have already gone into restocking and creating new designs.

When I get back from clinical I will be adding 6 new designs to the patch store with more on the way! Been a crazy ride so far. For those of you that pray, please be praying for me during this coming week. I hope to reach my required goal of 10 cases in the first week. If I do that, then I will be well on my way to becoming an undertaker just like THE TALL MAN!


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