Author Copies… new cover art…plus @CthulhuVirtual


Got my author copies in the mail for both The Horrors of Seward Shores and the re-release of THE END. I also got a few other copies in the mail like Rancid and Watchers, which both got cover designs overhauls. On top of the fact that I had two books release recently, my latest book actually spotlighted a game that I personally love to play called Cthulhu Virtual Pet, for the iSO. It is a great game because it is simple to enjoy, yet addicting. My main character in the book finds himself waiting for friends to get off work, so… what better way to kill some time than by keeping his virtual god alive? The creature of the game got a kick out of it, too. I am just like that I guess. You have to promote the things you enjoy because the things you enjoy are generally created by people just like yourself, out there trying to make things happen. Anyway… two  new books and two new cover revamps. Check all that mess out here!

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